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Among the trees

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Among the trees Empty Among the trees

Post by Rueamandla on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:06 pm

Kiara walked alongside her father. The were each carrying two large baskets that Kiara's mother had woven. The fruit was to be transported in the baskets, then sent on a train, and shipped to the Capitol.
"Dad, why can't we eat any of the fruit," Kiara asked her father as she picked a bright red apple. "It looks so delicious!"
"Because that's how the Capitol wants it. And it will stay that way unless there's a rebellion. A rebellion would mean lots of deaths though, and all the districts would have to agree, or we'd be as dead as District 13."
Kiara remembered how her mother has told her to make sure that her dad didn't say anything too radical in front of all the other orchard workers. Kiara looked up, worried other people might hurt her dad.
"What did you say sir?" A tall Peacekeeper said gruffly to Kiara's dad.
"You know exactly what I said, Mr." Kiara's dad smiled slightly.
"No, he said he though that District 13 was foolish because the Capitol is a good place." Kiara said, jumping in to help her father. She was worried he might be punished.
"Shush, you little girl," the peacekeeper said to Kiara, she was frightened and drew back, away from him and her dad."I'm takin' you to the justice building, we'll make sure you know not to insult the Capitol!"
The man looked angry and grabbed Kiara's dad by the shoulders and began walking him away.
"dad!" Kiara called out.
"Tell your mother what happened, Kiki," her dad told her as he was led off. "And remember," he then whistled the special four-note tune that said it was going to be okay. It wasn't going to be okay though, that was the problem.

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