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Template- Character Sheet

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Template- Character Sheet Empty Template- Character Sheet

Post by Katniss Run on Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:33 pm

  • Please delete the words in parenthesis
  • All fields except for Middle Name and picture are required
  • District 1 citizens: names from your district are often names of jewels and other shining/sparkling things, keep that in mind
  • If you include other people on this site as your family/friends/love interests, make sure they agree first
  • If you look at character sheets that were posted before and realize that they are missing some of the current fields, that is not a mistake on their part, as the character sheet template has been updated with more fields recently


First Name-

Last Name-

Middle Name (Optional)-

Personality (Be sure to include lots of details and intriguing info, the more complex and interesting your character is, the better)-

Fears (It doesn't just have to be the classic phobias, if you lived in Panem in the time that Katniss and Peeta do, what would you be afraid of?)-

Wishes/Ambitions (Everybody has some, whether they know it or not)-

Favorites (Color, animal, food etc.)-

Other Personal Info-



Age (Should start out somewhere in between 12 and 16)-


Love Interest/Crush-

Best friends-

Relatives (Parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, etc.)-

Disabled? (If so, mention how)-

Picture (Optional)-


Body Build (Bony, scrawny, muscly, etc.)-

Eye Color-

Hair (Texture, length, and color)-

Skin color-




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