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Top Ten saddest deaths in the Hunger Games! (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!)

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Top Ten saddest deaths in the Hunger Games! (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!)

Post by LollyDollz on Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:05 pm

I love top tens, so here we go: (BTW, 1 is the saddest, 2 is the second saddest, and so on)

10. Mags - Died when Katniss couldn't carry her and Finnick had to carry Peeta, she ran into the poison fog after kissing Finnick on the forehead.
9. Madge - Died when district 12 was blown up by Snow and the Capitol.
8. Portia - Died along with all the other stylists from the Quarter Quell.
7. Cinna - Died when he was killed for making Katniss into the Mockingjay. Katniss was stuck in her tube and couldn't help, she could only kick and scream.
6. Commander Boggs - Died when his legs were blown off.
5. Mr. Everdeen - Died when the mine he was working in blew up.
4. Wiress - Died when the cornocopia spun around really fats in the third quarter-quell
3. Rue - Died when Marvel hunted her down and killed her by sticking a spear in her abdomen.
2. Finnick Odair - Died when Squad 451 was underground and running away from mutts, and mutt killed him.
1. Primrose Everdeen - Died when a special bomb designed by Gale blew up. She was helping a hurt child when she died, which just makes everything sadder

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