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My Character: ACCEPTED!!

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My Character: ACCEPTED!! Empty My Character: ACCEPTED!!

Post by edgar on Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:27 am


First Name- Edgar

Last Name- Roso

Middle Name - K. (Initial)

Personality - Easy going, just wants to fish. Not easily worried or concerned, focused on his goals, not his worries; he believes this will make it easier for him to focus. Edgar does everything he can to remain calm, if he's restless in the boat then the fish will move away from him. He enjoys diving and loves the feeling of water against his skin. Feels unsteady and unstable on land.

Fears - Being drawn for the reaping, it looks like a death sentence. Feels unsteady and unstable on land.

Wishes/Ambitions - To become the best fisherman in all of Four

Favorites - color - yellow, food - cabbage stir-fry, subject - math, thing to do during free time - practice diving

Other Personal Info- n/a


Gender - Male

Age - 16 (Just turned sixteen two weeks ago)

District- Four

Love Interest/Crush- Soffe Salmoner

Relatives - All dead except for younger brother, Maxwell Roso

Disabled? - Left arm is broken. Cannot be repaired.


Height/Weight- 6 ft. 1/2 in.

Body Build -Muscly/Fit

Eye Color-Sea green

Hair - Really dark brown. Wavy and short. Smooth.

Skin color-White/tanned




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My Character: ACCEPTED!! Empty Re: My Character: ACCEPTED!!

Post by Katniss Run on Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:24 am

You have a very promising character. You are now free to go roleplay in the District 4 section! This is...
Katniss Run
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